“My Friend”

“My Friend”

In the days and moments when you begin to realise you need a friend either as a teenager just been introduced to the world around you or in your twenties, thirties to forties or even over fifties you know deeply in your heart that if only you could have a friend.
Amazingly the thought of ” my friend ” does bring certain relief to the heart even a smile to the face. It does wonders for your mind and soul. Do you know that sometimes medical psychologist do make prescriptions of a friend or two depending on what your disgnosis is.
Hmmm ” My Friend ” a satisfying feeling to the soul, they come in various shapes and sizes, and of course in different packaging at different geographical locations, and most existingly in all races. 
At different times in my life I do scroll through my contact list looking for my friend, don’t get me wrong I do have friends but each moment calls for a momentous friend and as you scroll down your contact list passing many friends some you spoke to yesterday, some it’s been a while, yet you keep scrolling until your face finally light up, your breath suddenly seize and released in a second even your lips couldn’t resist a slight gasp ” My Friend ” as you dial the number.
You can hardly find a friend for all moments, but you can have or be a momentous friends. 

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