4 Reasons to Make Friends Online

4 Reasons to Make Friends Online

Social networking platforms have changed the way people used to interact with each other. Earlier there had to be face to face interaction between people to be friends but now things have changed. You can easily make friends online at any time on any continent with any race isn’t that fascinating, and it is simple to make friends too.

I also found out that more and more people are making friends online now, what 1is the reason? Let’s explore that.

Am not that social

There is various kind of personalities and while some people can be the centre of attraction at any place there are few who are introverts. I use to have a friend who could make friends while ‘sleeping’, that’s how easy it is for her.

Being an introvert does not stop you from wanting to make friends, just that you cannot go straight and be friendly. By making friends online you can be behind the screen and still find people who share similar interest as you. Doing this improves your confidence and boosts your morale.

Do not have to think too much

When you are going to meet friends you do think of a lot of things, starting from how to dress to how to behave. While if you make friends online they will only be chatting with you. Before you say something they will not be able to see your face thus you can think and answer. You can decide about the different people with whom you want to continue the friendship.

Easy to find people with a common interest

When you meet a person face to face you don’t know whether that person shares the same interest as you or otherwise.  You do not know, but when you make friends online you can know about their interest before you send them a friend request. If you follow their profile you can know about almost every detail that the person has shared. This makes it easier to interact with those people who have a common interest.

Moreover, there are apps like Flickr where photographers upload their clicks. If you have the same interest you can find many others with the same hobby or profession.

You can share only as much as you want

Online friends cannot peep into your personal life if you do not allow them. They will be able to know only what you have shared.

If you do not want to let other people know about any particular thing or area of your life just don’t that part. It’s your secret.

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