How to Understand Who Is Actually Your Friend

Friends in need are friends indeed. This saying has been around forever. We all know that every single person we hang out with is not a true friend. But, sometimes it can get very tricky when you yourself are not sure whom you consider as your friend. Well, if you are wondering how to understand if someone is your friend, there are certain signs that should tell who your friend is:

Is This Friendship for a Specific Reason?

If the answer to this question is yes, you have to think again! According to many, people don’t like to waste time with their friends anymore. They just want to maximize the efficiency of the relationships. If you only spend time with someone because he or she is your colleague, lab partner or classmate – maybe it’s time to rethink. Be with someone who can turn the time you spent into precious memories.

Can You Be Vulnerable With This Person?

Sharing is caring and when it comes to human beings, we only share with people we care about. If you like someone, only then you are going to disclose something to that person. If you confide into someone, you most probably like that person. After all, we don’t share secrets with people whom we consider acquaintances.

Did You Overcome Challenges?

High-quality connections can be stretched to a big extent, so thereby tensility of a relationship determines the quality of it. If your friendship is flexible to accommodate changes, it is supposed to stay. If you move out of your state, people you care about will still be in touch with you through phone calls, FaceTime or Skype. On the other hand, weak friendships will fizzle out citing the distance to be the reason.

How Emotional Do You Get When You Are Around That Person?

If you cannot disclose your true feeling around a person, he or she might not be a friend at all. Many psychologists believe that emotional carrying capacity determines how much worth a particular friendship is. The more it is, the better.

Emotional carrying capacity is related to both the amount of emotion expressed and the range of it as well. If you can be completely honest with someone without any hesitation, you probably consider

Activity and Creativity Are Two Important Aspects of a Friendship

The degree of connectivity is another important factor in determining the depth of a friendship. If you are influenced in a relationship or are able to influence the other person in that relationship, it is probably worth it. Not only is that a relationship which is open to new ideas is more prone to work well.

Many often it has been seen that good friends share creative ideas between themselves and start to act on the same. Some friendships don’t inspire us in anyway and probably, they are not worth it.

We choose our friends, unlike our parents or relatives. We can do something about a friendship, so choose your friends wisely. They will help you make precious memories and more importantly, help you become a better person.

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